Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cop Kills Wild Man In Bridge Fight complete footage

Cop Kills Wild Man In Bridge Fight

Cop Kills Wild Man In Bridge Fight complete footage

The following footage is graphic and contains adult language and violence. It is of the shooting death on Centennial Bridge of Steven Mallory on July 31. The footage shows the confrontation and Mallory's death. The footage is from inside Davenport police officer Cliff Anderson's vehicle. The footage is courtesy of the police department.

A man with a history of violence is dead and an officer is injured after a shooting Friday morning on the Centennial Bridge.

Steven Tyrone Mallory, 39, of Davenport, died after he was shot by Davenport police officer Clif Anderson about 11:20 a.m., Police Chief Frank Donchez said. Anderson, 41, is recovering from his injuries.

The incident began when the Davenport officer stopped the suspect in the middle of the bridge to question him regarding an assault 15 minutes earlier at the Cafe on Vine coffee shop, a free meal site at 932 W. 6th St., officials said.

The victim of the assault was a 53-year-old Scott County man who was volunteering at the cafe. The volunteer was hit on the head and taken to Genesis Medical Center-West Central Park, Davenport, for treatment of injuries. A citizen followed the suspect to the Centennial Bridge.

Anderson, a 14-year veteran of the force, crossed the bridge, turned around in Rock Island and then returned to talk to Mallory in the middle of the span.

Anderson told Mallory to get down on his knees several times, orders that Mallory did not heed, according to police officials and video released Friday. The officer deployed his Taser, which appeared to have no effect on the suspect because one of the two prongs missed him and the electrical connection was not completed, Davenport police Capt. David Struckman said.

Mallory then attacked Anderson, punching the officer, biting the officer's face and slamming the officer's head against the concrete, officials said. The suspect was on top of the officer and choking him when East Moline police Det. Jim Weakley arrived on the scene.

The Davenport police officer unholstered his gun and shot the suspect, Donchez said. Officials declined to say how many times the suspect was shot. They released a portion of the video taken from the police car. However, officials chose to stop the video portion before the shooting occurred.

Police said they believed Mallory was unarmed.

Both men were taken to Genesis Medical Center, East Rusholme Street, Davenport. Mallory died there. Anderson was released after treatment of injuries to his head and torso.


  1. This is why is is best to comply with officers of the law. I don't like being bothered by them either, but is it worth your life to fight back? No.

  2. cops used excessive force against subject that was unarmed ? brpj are you for real this cops shot and killed a unarmed man . cops should have murder charges on him . this cops is what wrong with the police state we live in today assult equal murder ???? brpj what country do you think we live in ?????

  3. This was my cousin. He should have complied. Although, there were 2 cops on the scene and more coming.. was the shooting necessary?? If you are scared to be a cop (without a pulling your gun).. then don't be one!